SCA Lochac Awards

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Welcome to Canon Lore.

This is the database of awards and precedence for the Kingdom of Lochac in the Society for Creative Anachronism. The database is maintained by Lady Arabella d'Aubigny, Canon Herald, sometimes with the technical assistance of Mortar Herald and the records management assistance of Powder Horn Herald. For questions relating to the information contained herein, you can contact Canon Herald by email. For technical questions about the website itself, you can contact the Canon Herald as well, until a new Mortar Herald is appointed. To correct any inaccuracies, you can contact Canon Herald again, until a new Powder Horn Herald is appointed, or use any of the Fix Me buttons (Fix Me) scattered about the site.

The update process for this database is now fairly well established, and Canon Herald works continuously to patch any remaining holes as they are brought to his attention. You can usually expect new awards to appear here fairly swiftly, but just in case you haven't heard: your awards no longer need to be published, either here or in the kingdom newsletter Pegasus, to be "official". Once the Crown have said you're "it", who are we to say otherwise? (It just needs to be given out an an event published, in advance, in Pegasus.)

This database is used as the source for various other projects such as baronial orders of precedence, grand marches, forms of adress, SCA names and for the production of scrolls related to certain awards. If your award is not listed here, you may miss out on these items, so please click on the fix me buttons if your award is still missing more than 4 weeks after it was awarded. Please be aware that the acknowledgement of the awards here requires paperwork to be submitted first and this is not always in the Canon Herald's control.

Canon Lore only keeps track of precednce granted by awards received. Canon Lore does not keep track of the precedence of royalty, landed gentry or the greater offices. For notes on how precedence works click on this link.

The sidebar will take you where you need to go. Take the time to browse and give copious feedback; this is your Society!