Frequently Asked Questions

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As the site grows, so do the Frequently Asked Questions. Here they are, split up into bite-sized chunks for your delectation.

Introduction and Information
What is Canon Lore?
NEW: Volunteering to Help
I'm sick of waiting for perfection! How can I help?
Feature: Approximate Searching
What are all these "approximate matches" in my search results?
Changes and Corrections
I sent you a correction - why didn't you listen?
You only applied some of my change! or, You got some of the information wrong!
You haven't counted my <name of award here> in the Order of Precedence, even though I told you I have one!
I've got a <name of baronial award>!
Policies and Procedures
Will you be recording deaths?
How can I make my award official?
But my award was published in Pegasus! Why isn't it listed?
What about the New Zealand awards?
Why "Canon Lore", exactly?
Bits and Bytes
Why don't you put a name/email/subject field on the Fix Me page?
Can I link to your site?