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Why don't you put a name/email/subject field on the Fix Me page?

The rule is frequently forgotten: every input field you add to a form reduces the usability of the form. Every additional complexity in any system makes it harder for people to use the system. That's why the Fix Me page (Fix Me) is so simple: you just type and click Send; no need to fill in your life story.

I think what people are really asking, with the above question, is "Why don't you make sure that people tell you everything you need to know?" It's a lovely idea, but adding complexity is not the way to do it. Keep It Simple, Sire is our eternal principle.

Can I link to your site?

Sure! Use this image and the associated HTML if you like.

Canon Lore: SCA Lochac Awards

<a href="">
  <img src="path-to/canon-lore.png" width="192" height="48"
  alt="Canon Lore: SCA Lochac Awards" title="Canon Lore" />