Changes and Corrections - FAQ

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I sent you a correction - why didn't you listen?

We did! We promise we did! Canon Herald has a team of trained minions (we call them the Canon Fodder) who are helping her enter the hundreds of Fix Me messages and emails into the system. Occasionally, they run into technical difficulties relating to the update software (the developer of which, Karl Batty, tries hard, but he's a bit of a twit, really) but even without that there's a lot to do. Your best bet is to give them all time. Sorry!

You only applied some of my change! or, You got some of the information wrong!

If you're giving me a correction to the spelling of your name, please identify yourself by mundane name as well -- there have been cases where we've mixed up pairs of people with similar names, like Yve d'Angely of Rowany and Yvette Angel of Mordenvale. And if you can tell me all your other past names, that can help too.

If you're telling me about an award that's missing, I need to know the date you received it and the names of the royalty who gave it to you. It would help to know the name of the event and anything you can remember about the other people who got awards in the same court too, because every little bit of cross-referencing helps.

Also, I don't know who you are or where you're posting from unless you tell me in your message. I can't reply to you unless you give me contact details - the information isn't automatically transmitted by your web browser unless you type it in yourself.

You haven't counted my <name of award here> in the Order of Precedence, even though I told you I have one!

If I know you have such-and-such an award, that's a good start, and I can include that information in your page on the site. But when it comes to the Order of Precedence, I need to know the exact date. To work out precedence, we need dates: if you got an AOA yesterday and I get one today, all else being equal you outrank me -- so what if you don't know the date you got yours? See the problem? So tell me a date and you'll get listed in the OP; otherwise, your award will appear on your page but it won't "count".

I've got a <name of baronial award>!

Not my department. Talk to your baronial herald. I only record principality and kingdom awards.

(But congratulations anyway. Baronial awards are a Good Thing.)