Introduction and Information - FAQ

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What is Canon Lore?

Canon Lore is the database of awards and precedence maintained by the Canon Herald in the kingdom of Lochac in the Society for Creative Anachronism. It should contain everything you could wish to know about the awards and award recipients of the kingdom.

The Canon database contains five main classes of information:

Information about anyone who lives or has lived in the kingdom or principality of Lochac, or anyone who has ever received an award from the crown or coronet of Lochac. Some of this is still inaccurate; please look for people you know and check their details.
Information about baronies, shires, cantons, colleges and households within Lochac, and something of their histories.
Information about all the royalty who have had an effect on Lochac's history. This includes the kings and queens of the West and Caid, Lochac's two parent kingdoms.
Information about the awards, current and closed, of Lochac, the West and Caid, their meanings and memberships, and the times at which people received them.
The history of feasts, tourneys and courts in Lochac's history. We try to record all events at which the royalty gave out awards.