Policies and Procedures - FAQ

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Will you be recording deaths?

Too many people in the SCA die, and I'm getting bloody sick of it. But as much as I'd like to light a virtual candle for them, I don't think an awards database is the place to do it. They received their awards, and nothing can take that away from them, but if I try to make Canon Lore into a full-fledged history of Lochac, it's just going to end in a shambles. So although I keep details like that in the private section of the database to help with cross-referencing, along with mundane names and membership numbers where I have them, I won't be displaying it here.

How can I make my award official?

The old way of doing this required publication in Pegasus before an award could be listed on the Canon database. This has changed; it's enough now for a herald to just let me know. You don't need to worry about publication; if the King says you're a member of the Order of the Shining Turnip, there's nothing a pleb like me can do to deny it!

But my award was published in Pegasus! Why isn't it listed?

The most likely explanation is that the award wasn't published properly: a name was misspelled, a date was incorrect or missing, or something else went wrong. Previous Canons were required by heraldic law to err on the side of caution; I am able to exercise a little more judgement, meaning that I can fudge it if necessary. But I'll still be cross-checking as much as I can, so click a Fix Me button (Fix Me) and give me all the details you have!

What about the New Zealand awards?

You're referring here to awards given by the crown of the kingdom of Caid to the citizens of Southron Gaard, Ildhafn, et alia, before those groups became part of the kingdom of Lochac in June 2003. These are on the list of Things To Do, but they depend on everyone getting enough time. Have we apologised recently? Sorry!

Why "Canon Lore", exactly?

The predecessor to Canon Lore was WebCanon, produced by Morag Freyser and Duncan MacAlpin Shieldsbane. When Baron Karl Faustus took over the job of Canon, he decided to rewrite the software from scratch to take advantage of advances in technology. He wanted a name that had a medieval connection, since we are after all a medieval Society, but there are very few references to canons or cannons in Shakespeare, and none of them are remotely complimentary. He threw the question to his fellow heralds and one Istvan Pannonnius came up with a suggestion that he liked instantly. It's simple, relevant and an appalling pun; perfect!