Major database update

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Monday, 7 August 2006: Thanks to hard work from William Castille, Wakeline de Foxely and others (guys? help me out here? Send me a list of credits!) the database is now much, much more up to date.

There are, of course, many errors here and there. Fix Me messages hit the 600 mark less than 24 hours after the new site was announced, so there's plenty to do, but keep those messages coming in!

Meanwhile, William Crux has appointed Karl Faustus as Mortar Herald. Mortar is a sort of general-purpose deputy position within Lochac, for specific "special projects". The special project in this case is the Canon Lore website -- its software, not so much its data. This means Crux can now open the position of Canon Herald to any applicant with a little free time and a reasonably methodical mind; there's no need for Canon to also be a computer whiz, which should make filling the position that much easier!

Here's the list of bugs that I (Mortar Herald) have been working on since announcing the new site:

More later. Keep an eye on the News and FAQ sections of this site for updates!

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