Introducing the "Provost's Report"

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Thursday, 21 October 2010: The most astute of you might have noticed a new link on the menu bar. No? Don't worry I didn't really expect you to. But, if you look carefully there it is - "Scribe's Report". Go take a look now!

Formerly confidential, this report has now been rewritten so that ordinary users of Canon Lore can now get a printable version of Canon Lore. There's a ton of features to play with, or you can just select the simple report option.

If you think you should have acess to the confidential mundane names, please contact Canon Herald about a password. Heralds, print a copy of this report for royalty's use when you host a royal event.

This report should also be useful if you wish to perform an audit of your local group - I don't get everything perfect, I rely on your help. If you do wish to audit your local group, please contact Canon Herald about bulk ways of uploading data.

There are 101 ways to use this report - feel free to thank Mortar Herald Karl Faustus von Aachenfor the report and tell him how you are using it.

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