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Friday, 22 October 2010: The programming of Canon Lore has had an overhaul, and the bug where awards appeared at the wrong date has been quashed.

No longer will you be browsing who received awards in the principality of Lochac event and see people who were receiving awards in the Caidan court on the same day. No longer will there be confusion when Their Majesties attend two events on the same day. No longer do you have to guess which event Queen Portia was at and which event Gwayne and Yve were at in 2002.

A sad side effect of this is that a lot of data entry now has to be done to add events to each award - one award at a time. So please be patient as we work our way backwards through the event listings to correct each entry. The last 3 years should be pretty much fixed already. If you have a little spare time and some pedantry, please consider volunteering to help the Canon Herald.

We don't enter foreign events into Canon Lore unless they were held on Lochac soil or a very large number of awards were given to Lochacians at the event. So you'll find a few links scattered about to 'Awards granted where event not known or not yet entered' where you can see all the people who received awards in other kingdoms, as well as any people who haven't yet been assigned to Lochac events.

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