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Wednesday, 25 May 2011: It is my sad duty to report, at approximately 7.30 this morning, the passing from this life of Gratian, the Canon Lore editing program.

Gratian was born in 2006, after a long gestation, only child of CHEESE (the Canon Herald Email-Enabled Semantic Elucidator) and Borland Delphi. It was originally named Feta, but that was a silly name. It quickly distinguished itself as a quick and efficient tool for editing the Canon Lore database, but the process of installation was always problematical, as were the various showstopper bugs and irritating little design decisions. In time, it found itself surpassed by the new kid on the block, CLE (the Canon Lore Editor) and after realising it had been surpassed in every way, gladly stepped aside and left the glory to the younger player. It was taken off life support with a single edit to a define() statement in the master Canon Lore software, and now lives on only in our memories... and in offline mode for anyone who still wants to see what life was like in the old days before Paul de la Ville came along and made everything easier for all of us...



Rest In Pieces

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