Personnel Changes with Canon Lore

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Monday, 14 November 2011: Recently the offices of Canon Herald and Mortar Herald have changed hands.

As of November Crown, Baroness Teffania de Tuckerton has stepped down as Canon Herald. A grateful Kingdom thanks her for her years of service in the role. Her exacting standards and professional approach to the position can only be followed, not bettered. The new Canon Herald is Lord Sorle Maknicoll, who is looking forward to maintaining the professionalism of the position and can be reached at the same email address as always.

After a busy tenure managing the software behind Canon Lore, Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen has stepped down as Mortar Herald and is relieved to pass the office to Lord Paul de la Ville. Paul and Sorle are already plotting the next set of improvements to Canon Lore, so watch this space!

In service,

Sorle, Canon Herald.

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