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Tuesday, 8 January 2013: Canon Herald seeks feedback for new idea.

In trying to help people understand the award structure in the Kingdom of Lochac, the following table has been devised. Canon Herald would like to hear any feedback you may have on this.

Please remember that the Crown would like to know if you have someone in mind that you would like to recommend for an award.

Overview of Awards in the Kingdom of Lochac as defined in the Laws of Lochac AS XLVI

Award Level

Award Category

Royal Martial Arts and Sciences Service Other
Heavy Archery Rapier Equestrian
Patent of Arms Royal Peerages Duchy        
Chivalry   Laurel Pelican
Grant of Arms Polling Orders     Lochac Company of Archers White Scarf        
Orders of Distinction  
Red Wyvern Cockatrice Silver Pegasus  
Award of Arms Orders of Achievement   Golden Sword Nock Rapier Hector Star and Lily Golden Tear Court Barony
(special contribution)
Lochac Order of Grace
Miles Regni
(war service)
Non-armigerous   Rose
(Crown's consort)
Silver Helm
(field appearance)
Cross of Lochac
(foreign service)
Pride of Lochac
Augmentation of Arms
(great contribution)
Mouse Guard
(age 4-13)
Royal Cypher / King's Cypher / Queen's Cypher
(personal award)

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