Cathryn of Chester

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Fix Me Cathryn of Chester

Court Barony
given by Garick and Talitha,
on 1 April 1999,
at Rowany Festival XVIII (1-5 Apr 1999 at Tara Girl Guide Camp, Silverdale, NSW).
given by Garick and Talitha,
on 8 April 1999,
at Unknown (8 Apr 1999).
Defender of the West
given by Jade XI and Siobhan II,
on 17 August 2000,
at Pennsic War XXIX (5-20 Aug 2000 at Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, USA).
Silver Nib
given by Fabian V and Susan,
on 28 July 2001,
at West Kingdom Arts and Sciences Tourney (27-29 Jul 2001 at USA).
given by Alaric I and Nerissa I,
on 7 June 2003.

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