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Asbjørn Pedersen Marsvin

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Crescent Sword of Caid
given by King Ivan V and Queen Ciar Lasse (Caid),
on 4 February 2001,
at Canterbury Faire (2-6 Feb 2001 at Christchurch, NZ).
Gauntlet of Caid
given by King Edric III and Queen Catalina (Caid),
on 18 March 2002,
at Caidan Royal Progress (18-19 Mar 2002 at Auckland, NZ).
Golden Tear
given by King Cornelius I and Queen Morwynna I,
on 22 June 2003,
at Ildhafn Baronial Investiture and Midwinter Feast (21-22 Jun 2003 at Aukland Danish Society, Penrose, Aukland, NZ).
Court Barony
given by King Draco I and Queen Serena I,
on 6 November 2004,
at November Crown Tourney (5-7 Nov 2004 at YMCA Camp Adair, Hunua, Auckland, NZ).
given by King Stephen and Queen Mathilde,
on 12 February 2005,
at Canterbury Faire (11-16 Feb 2005 at Waipara Riverside Park, Amberley (North Canterbury), NZ).
given by King Ædward II and Queen Yolande II,
on 14 April 2006,
at Rowany Festival XXIV (14-17 Apr 2006 at Crossroads, Yass, NSW).
Champion of Lochac
given by King Alfar II and Queen Gudrun II,
on 6 January 2007,
at Twelfth Night (6 Jan 2007).
Star and Lily
given by King Berenger and Queen Bethan,
on 10 May 2008,
at May Crown Tourney (9-11 May 2008 at Wellington, NZ).
Champion of Lochac
given by King Gabriel I and Queen Constanzia I,
on 4 July 2009,
at Midwinter Coronation (4-5 Jul 2009 at Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford, Melbourne, VIC, AU).
given by King Rowland I and Queen Tailltiu I,
on 23 January 2018,
at Canterbury Faire 2018 (20-28 Jan 2018 at Waipara Adventure Centre, Waipara, North Canterbury).

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