Eleyne de Comnocke

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Fix Me Eleyne de Comnocke

Dolphin of Caid
given by John II and Ceinwen II,
on 17 March 1996,
at Caidan Royal Progress (17 Mar 1996 at Auckland, NZ).
Harp Argent of Caid
given by Ivan IV and Anastasiia,
on 1 November 1998,
at Caidan Royal Visit (1 Nov 1998 at Auckland, NZ).
Crescent of Caid
given by Edric III and Catalina,
on 19 March 2002,
at Caidan Royal Progress (18-19 Mar 2002 at Auckland, NZ).
Golden Tear
given by Gabriel I and Constanzia I,
on 22 November 2009,
at St Catherine's Faire AS XLIV (20-22 Nov 2009 at Camp Sladdin, Clevedon, Aukland, NZ.).

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