Genna inghean Braonáin uí Ámoinn

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Fix Me Genna inghean Braonáin uí Ámoinn

Award of Arms
given by Rolf II and Lachlin II,
on 14 June 1986,
at June Crown Tournament (14-15 Jun 1986 at Grass Valley, CA).
Rose Leaf
given by William III and Joanne II,
on 18 April 1987,
at Rowany Festival V and First Coronet Tourney (16-20 Apr 1987 at Fairholme Park, Wilton).
on 13 June 1992.
Grant of Arms
given by Elffin I and Vanna I,
on 1 January 1994.
Popular Company of Sojourners
on 22 April 1995.
given by Elffin III and Alessandra Melusine II,
on 30 June 2000.
Dragon's Tear
on 24 February 2001.
given by Elffin IV and Signy I,
on 30 June 2001.
Augmentation of Arms
on 13 October 2001.
given by Logan IV and Isabel II,
on 3 May 2003.
given by Logan IV and Isabel II,
on 24 May 2003.
Queen's Order of Courtesy (Atlantia)
given by Logan IV and Isabel II,
on 21 June 2003.
Queen's Cypher
given by Berenger I and Bethan I,
on 4 July 2008,
at Lochac Midwinter Coronation (4-6 Jul 2008 at Camp Leschenaultia, Chidlow, WA, AU).
Golden Tear
given by Alfar III and Angharat I,
on 21 June 2014,
at Stormhold Baronial Invest (21 Jun 2014 at Collingwood Masonic Lodge).
Royal Cypher
given by Steffan II and Branwen II,
on 3 December 2017,
at Fields of Gold VII (1-3 Dec 2017 at Bungendore Showgrounds, Bungendore, NSW).

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