Lowry ferch Gwynwynwyn ap Llewelyn

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Fix Me Lowry ferch Gwynwynwyn ap Llewelyn

Award of Arms
given by King Uther IV and Queen Portia (The West),
on 23 February 2002,
at Border War IV (22-24 Feb 2002 at Boathaven Caravan Park, Ebden, VIC, AU).
Golden Tear
given by King Stephen and Queen Mathilde,
on 26 February 2005,
at Border War VII (25-27 Feb 2005 at Camp Nelson, Howlong, NSW, AU).
Grant of Arms
given by King Ædward II and Queen Yolande II,
on 13 May 2006,
at May Crown (13-14 May 2006 at Culcairn Showground, Culcairn, NSW AU).
Silver Pegasus
given by King Siridean II and Queen Margie,
on 12 May 2012,
at May Crown AS XLVII (11-13 May 2012 at Camp Kurrajong Scout Camp, Wagga Wagga NSW AU).
given by King Thibault and King Jayne,
on 26 February 2023,
at BorderWar 2023 (25-26 Feb 2023 at Culcairn Sportsground, Federal Street, Culcairn, NSW 2660).

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