Willehelm von Tannenberg

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Fix Me Willehelm von Tannenberg

Award of Arms
given by Ivan V and CiarLasse,
on 4 February 2001,
at Canterbury Faire (2-6 Feb 2001 at Christchurch, NZ).
Crescent Sword of Caid
given by Edric III and Catalina,
on 18 March 2002,
at Caidan Royal Progress (18-19 Mar 2002 at Auckland, NZ).
Gauntlet of Caid
given by Guillaume II and Felinah II,
on 12 October 2002,
at Great Western War (12 Oct 2002 at USA).
given by Alaric I and Nerissa I,
on 23 November 2003,
at St Catherine's Faire (22-23 Nov 2003 at YMCA Camp Adair, Hunua, Auckland, NZ).

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