Christopher Foxe

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Fix Me Christopher Foxe

Award of Arms
given by Brion and Alysandra,
on 15 October 1988,
at Royal Visit by the King (15 Oct 1988 at Christchurch, NZ).
Dolphin of Caid
given by Patrick II and Adriana I,
on 12 October 1991,
at Caidan Royal Visit (12 Oct 1991 at Christchurch, NZ).
given by John I and Ceinwen I,
on 10 October 1993,
at Tourney d'Amor (9-10 Oct 1993 at Christchurch, NZ).
Court Barony
given by Siridean II and Margie I,
on 4 February 2012,
at Canterbury Faire AS XLVI (28 Jan - 6 Feb 2012 at Darnley Rd, Waipara, North Canterbury, NZ).

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