Dauid of Cochrane

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Award of Arms
given by King Mathias and Queen Elzbieta (Atenveldt),
on 10 November 2001.
given by King Alfar II and Queen Gudrun II,
on 3 February 2007,
at Canterbury Faire (2-6 Feb 2007 at Waipara Riverside Park, Amberley (North Canterbury), NZ).
given by King Theuderic I and Queen Engelin I,
on 3 February 2009,
at Canterbury Faire (31 Jan - 8 Feb 2009 at Waipara Riverside Park, Amberley, NZ).
Golden Tear
given by King Niáll III and Queen Sabine I,
on 13 July 2019,
at Midwinter Coronation LIV (12-14 Jul 2019 at Amberley, NZ. ).

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