Rohesia le Sarjent

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Fix Me Rohesia le Sarjent

Award of Arms
given by Ivan I and Fiona,
on 25 May 1991,
at Announced in Caid Court (25 May 1991 at USA).
Harp Argent of Caid
given by Patrick II and Adriana I,
on 12 October 1991,
at Caidan Royal Visit (12 Oct 1991 at Christchurch, NZ).
Crescent of Caid
given by Gar and Ristil,
on 19 November 1994,
at Coronation (Caid) (19 Nov 1994 at Central California, USA.).
given by Ædward II and Yolande II,
on 4 February 2006,
at Canterbury Faire (2-7 Feb 2006 at Waipara Riverside Park, Amberley (North Canterbury), NZ).

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