Angharad of Chester

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Fix Me Angharad of Chester

Award of Arms
given by Paul VIII and Rowena II,
on 24 August 1985,
at Purgatorio Coronation (24-25 Aug 1985 at Eureka, CA).
Rose Leaf
given by Michael and Iseult,
on 4 January 1986,
at Twelfth Night Coronation (West) (4 Jan 1986 at Reno, NV).
given by Stephen II and Sariya II,
on 2 January 1988,
at Twelfth Night Coronation (West) (2 Jan 1988 at Hayward Centennial Hall, Hayward, CA, USA).
Court Barony
given by Stephan I and Niobe I,
on 12 May 1991,
at May Coronet/Investiture AS XXVI (11-12 May 1991 at None).
Roman Lilies
given by Gerald I and Alisaundre I,
on 30 May 1992,
at May War (29 May - 1 Jun 1992 at Toodyay WA).

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