Elena Sophia di Luciano dei Medici

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Fix Me Elena Sophia di Luciano dei Medici

Award of Arms
given by King Siridean II and Queen Margie,
on 29 January 2012,
at Canterbury Faire AS XLVI (28 Jan - 6 Feb 2012 at Darnley Rd, Waipara, North Canterbury, NZ).
Golden Tear
given by King Ariston and Queen Lilavati,
on 18 January 2017,
at Canterbury Faire (14-22 Jan 2017 at Waipara Boys Brigade Camp, Amberley, New Zealand).
Silver Pegasus
given by King Rowland II and Queen Tailltiu II,
on 29 January 2021,
at Canterbury Faire (23-31 Jan 2021 at Waipara Adventure Centre, 137 Darnley Road, Amberley, New Zealand).

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