Heinrich Eberhart von Thorn

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Fix Me Heinrich Eberhart von Thorn

Award of Arms
given by King Niáll I and Queen Liadan I,
on 10 August 2013,
at Radburne War VII (9-12 Aug 2013 at 'Dragon Hill' Duboo NSW AU).
Royal Cypher
given by King Alfar III and Queen Angharat,
on 5 July 2014,
at Midwinter Coronation A.S.XLIX (5-6 Jul 2014 at ST Johns Church Hall, Ried ACT).
Golden Sword
given by King Ariston and Queen Lilavati,
on 1 April 2017,
at Rowany Newcomers Day (1 Apr 2017 at Glebe Town Hall, Glebe NSW).

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