Talbot of Oakdale

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Fix Me Talbot of Oakdale

Award of Arms
given by Valerian I and Rowena I,
on 18 February 1989.
Silver Tear
given by Haos I and Bryony I,
on 4 October 1990.
Rose Leaf
given by Rolf III and Mari I,
on 7 November 1992.
Silver Helm
given by Alfar I and Susannah I,
on 30 October 1993.
Leaf of Merit
given by John II and Gabriel II,
on 9 August 1997.
given by Hauoc I and Etaine,
on 11 July 1998.
Golden Tear
given by Draco I and Serena I,
on 2 October 2004,
at Spring War AS XXXIX (1-4 Oct 2004 at Standen Rd, Lower Belford (Newcastle surrounds), NSW, AU.).

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