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Yasuda Tatsu'aki

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Award of Arms
given by King Felix II and Queen Eva II,
on 25 January 2019,
at Canterbury Faire (19-27 Jan 2019 at Amberley, New Zealand).
Golden Tear
given by King Theuderic II and Queen Engelin II,
on 1 November 2020,
at Lochac Witenagemot (1 Nov 2020 at Online).
given by King Thibault and King Jayne,
on 27 January 2023,
at Canterbury Faire (21-29 Jan 2023 at Waipara Adventure Centre, 137 Darnley Road, RD3, Amberley 7483, New Zealand).
Star and Lily
given by King Ratbot and Queen katherine,
on 14 July 2023,
at Yule (Southron Gaard) (13-16 Jul 2023 at Raincliff Youth Camp, 1814 Spur Road, Raincliff, 7982, New Zealand).
Royal Cypher
given by King Ratbot and Queen katherine,
on 5 November 2023,
at November Monthly Tourney (5 Nov 2023 at Redwood Scout Hall, 20 Sturrocks Road, Redwood, Christchurch 8051, NZ).

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