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Bran of Lochiel

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Award of Arms
given by King Rolf II and Queen Lachlin II (The West),
on 26 July 1986,
at Ducal Prize Tournament (West) (26-27 Jul 1986 at Santa Rosa, CA).
Leaf of Merit
given by King Jade I and Queen Anastacia I (The West),
on 11 July 1987,
at Lochac First Coronet Investiture (11 Jul 1987).
given by King James VIII and Queen Verena VIII (The West),
on 20 May 1990,
at Feast and Archery Championship (19-20 May 1990 at Coogee Primary School, Coogee WA).
Rose Leaf
given by Prince Gerald and Princess Alisaundre,
on 30 May 1992,
at May War (29 May - 1 Jun 1992 at Toodyay WA).
given by Prince Alfar II and Princess Isabeau,
on 14 January 1995,
at Twelfth Night Coronet (14-15 Jan 1995 at Kensington PCYC, Kensington WA).
Knight Bannerette
given by King Fabian V and Queen Susan (The West),
on 17 August 2001,
at Pennsic War XXX (4-19 Aug 2001 at Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, USA).

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