Bran of Lochiel

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Fix Me Bran of Lochiel

Award of Arms
given by Reynardine I and Marguerité I,
on 26 July 1986.
Leaf of Merit
given by Jade I and Anastacia I,
on 11 July 1987.
given by James VIII and Verena VIII,
on 20 May 1990.
Rose Leaf
given by Jade VI and Shaheena II,
on 30 May 1992.
given by Alfar II and Isabeau I,
on 14 January 1995.
Knight Bannerette
given by Fabian V and Susan,
on 17 August 2001,
at Pennsic War XXX (4-19 Aug 2001 at Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, USA).

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