Randal Mallard de la Guerre

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Fix Me Randal Mallard de la Guerre

Silver Helm
given by Haos I and Bryony I,
on 4 November 1990,
at Champion Weekend (3-4 Nov 1990 at Ern Halliday Recreation Camp, Sorrento WA).
Award of Arms
given by Kane I and Rhianwen I,
on 24 November 1991,
at Bullion Bash (24 Nov 1991 at Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle WA).
Leaf of Merit
given by Jade VII and Shaheena III,
on 17 April 1993,
at A Night of Decadence in Persia (17 Apr 1993 at All Saints Hall, Kooyong VIC).
Silver Sword
given by d'Gaunt I and Muirghein I,
on 15 July 1995,
at Anealan Midwinter Celebration (15 Jul 1995).
Silver Tear
given by Ragnar I and Bliss I,
on 18 October 1997,
at Feast of the Assumption (18 Oct 1997 at Alf Faulkner Hall, Eden Hill, WA, AU).
given by Uther III and Osa II,
on 10 December 2000,
at Royal Visit (9-10 Dec 2000 at Kensington PCYC, Kensington, WA, AU).
Golden Sword
given by Stephen I and Mathilde I,
on 1 May 2005,
at Royal Household Challenge and Tourney (1 May 2005 at Stirling Square, Guildford, Perth, WA, AU).

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