Brennan Halfhand

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Fix Me Brennan Halfhand

Award of Arms
given by Prince Brusi and Princess Catherine,
on 19 June 1993,
at A Midwinter Pot-Luck Feast (19 Jun 1993 at Corroboree Park Community Centre, Ainslie ACT).
Defender of the West
given by King Valgard and Queen Megan I (The West),
on 27 August 1994,
at Purgatorio Coronation (27-28 Aug 1994 at Old Goulburn Brewery, Bungonia Road, Goulburn, NSW, AU.).
given by Prince Alfar II and Princess Isabeau,
on 15 April 1995,
at Rowany Festival XIII (13-18 Apr 1995 at Fairholme Park, Wilton).
given by King Uther I and Queen Tanwen (The West),
on 1 November 1997,
at November Coronet (1-2 Nov 1997).
Court Barony
given by King Gilbert and Queen Bethony,
on 7 May 2016,
at May Crown Tournament AS LI (6-8 May 2016 at Clifford Park activity Centre, Wonga Park, Victoria).

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