Tatianitsa Iaroslavna

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Fix Me Tatianitsa Iaroslavna

Award of Arms
given by Ivan V and CiarLasse,
on 4 February 2001,
at Canterbury Faire (2-6 Feb 2001 at Christchurch, NZ).
Dolphin of Caid
given by Edric III and Catalina,
on 23 March 2002,
at Caidan Royal Progress (22-23 Mar 2002 at Christchurch, NZ).
Star and Lily
given by Alfar II and Gudrun II,
on 10 March 2007,
at Stowe Faire III - Return of the Mohut (9-11 Mar 2007 at Camp Ausral, Austral (Sydney), NSW, AU.).
Golden Tear
given by Gilbert I and Bethony I,
on 26 March 2016,
at Rowany Festival XXXIV, AS L (24-28 Mar 2016 at Camp Wombaroo, High Range, NSW 2575 ).
given by Rowland I and Tailltiu I,
on 19 April 2018,
at Rowany Festival XXXVI (18-22 Apr 2018 at Camp Wombaroo).
Star and Lily
given by Niáll III & Sabine I,
on 30 November 2019,
at Fields of Gold (29 Nov - 1 Dec 2019 at Bungendore Showgrounds, Bungendore NSW 2621).

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