Frae Fitzalleyne

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Fix Me Frae Fitzalleyne

Royal Cypher
given by Kane I and Rhianwen I,
on a day unknown.
Award of Arms
given by Reynardine I and Marguerité I,
on 3 January 1987.
Rose Leaf
given by Jade II and Anastacia II,
on 4 April 1988.
Silver Nib
given by Jade III and Amanda I,
on 7 January 1989.
Roman Lilies
given by Valerian I and Rowena I,
on 21 May 1989.
given by Hauoc I and Etaine,
on 8 August 1998.
Leaf of Merit
given by Gui I and Ælfled I,
on 14 July 2001,
at Midwinter Coronet Investiture AS XXXVI (13-15 Jul 2001 at Imar Youth Centre, Croydon, NSW, AU.).

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