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Award of Arms
given by Boris II and Constance II,
on 1 October 2000,
at Spring War VI (30 Sep - 2 Oct 2000 at Webber's Creek Rd, Patterson, NSW, AU).
Golden Tear
given by Alfar I and Elspeth I,
on 5 October 2002,
at Spring War AS XXXVII (4-7 Oct 2002 at St Aden Rd, Belford, NSW, AU).
Royal Cypher
given by Theuderic I and Engelin I,
on 4 July 2009,
at Midwinter Coronation (4-5 Jul 2009 at Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford, Melbourne, VIC, AU).
Star and Lily
given by Niáll I and Liadan I,
on 30 November 2013,
at Politarchopolis' Field of Gold (29 Nov - 1 Dec 2013 at Bungendore Showground Mathews Lane, Bumgendore NSW).
given by Niáll II and Liadan II,
on 4 October 2014,
at Spring War (3-6 Oct 2014 at Lower Belford).

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