Zanobia Adimari

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Award of Arms
given by Alfar V and Liadan I,
on 21 July 2001,
at Vindrherad Yule Dinner (21 Jul 2001 at Richmond Library Institute, Richmond, NSW, AU.).
Roman Lilies
given by Alfar V and Liadan I,
on 25 August 2001,
at Winter's End - Tourney and Grand Tudor Feast (25-26 Aug 2001 at Merrylands Scout Hall, Merrylands, NSW, AU).
Award of Arms
given by Stephen I and Mathilde I,
on 25 March 2005,
at Rowany Festival XXIII (24-29 Mar 2005 at Crossroads Medieval Village, Yass, NSW, AU).
Golden Tear
given by Cornelius II and Morwynna II,
on 10 September 2005,
at Steel Rose Tourney and Feast (10 Sep 2005).
Award of Arms
given by Ædward II and Yolande II,
on 15 April 2006,
at Rowany Festival XXIV (14-17 Apr 2006 at Crossroads, Yass, NSW).
Star and Lily
given by Draco II and Asa II,
on 2 December 2006,
at Rowany Yule AS XLI (2 Dec 2006 at Imar Community Hall, Croydon (Sydney), NSW, AU).
given by Rowland I and Tailltiu I,
on 26 May 2018,
at Tournament of the Black Boar and Feast of the Griffin (26 May 2018 at St Johns Hall, Reid ).

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