Mathilde de Lilburne

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Fix Me Mathilde de Lilburne

Award of Arms
given by Hugh I and Theresa I,
on 20 October 2007,
at Bordescros Birthday (20-21 Oct 2007).
Golden Tear
given by Niáll II and Liadan II,
on 30 November 2014,
at Fields of Gold (28-30 Nov 2014 at Bungendore Showgrounds).
Star and Lily
given by Ariston I & Lilavati I,
on 25 February 2017,
at Border War XIX (24-26 Feb 2017 at Kurrajong Scout Camp, Wagga Wagga, NSW).
given by Kinggiyadai II and Altani II,
on 10 November 2018,
at November Crown 2018 (10-11 Nov 2018 at Wodonga, VIC).
Silver Pegasus
given by Alain I and Safiya I,
on 7 May 2022,
at Autumn Coronation (7 May 2022 at Beechworth Memorial Hall, 104 Ford Street, Beechworth, Victoria).

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