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Wulfric Greycloak

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Award of Arms
given by King Draco I and Queen Serena I,
on 17 July 2004,
at Burnfield Winter Harvest Feast (17 Jul 2004 at Wyper Scout Camp, South of Bundaberg, QLD, AU).
Golden Tear
given by King Berenger and Queen Bethan,
on 7 June 2008,
at Great Northern War X (6-9 Jun 2008 at BP Park, Samford, QLD, AU).
given by King Edmund and Queen Leonor,
on 11 September 2010,
at Riverhaven Baronial Championship (11 Sep 2010 at Kelly Gang's property, Near Gin Gin, QLD, AU.).
Lochac Company of Archers
given by King Felix I and Queen Eva I,
on 5 May 2013,
at May Crown Tournament AS XLVIII (3-5 May 2013 at Riverside Retreat 1500 Bundaberg-Childers Rd, Branyan QLD AU).
Silver Pegasus
given by King Steffan I and Queen Branwen I,
on 10 October 2015,
at Jesters and Fools (9-11 Oct 2015 at Aldershot Scout Camp).
given by King Leofric and Queen Sabine II,
on 30 April 2022,
at Romancing the Rose (30 Apr 2022 at Riverhaven).

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