Star of Ynys Fawr

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Fix Me Star of Ynys Fawr

Award of Arms
given by Steffan I and Branwen I,
on 12 December 2015,
at End of an Era (12-13 Dec 2015 at Kraken Hall ).
Golden Tear
given by Theuderic II & Engelin II,
on 7 March 2020,
at Ynys Fawr Baronial Changeover (7 Mar 2020 at Cascade Gardens, Cascade Rd, South Hobart, Tasmania).
Royal Cypher
given by Oze and Miriam,
on 25 September 2021,
at Bell & Garland Tavern (25 Sep 2021 at The Baronial Hall – Hobart Showground).

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