Griete van Groningen

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Fix Me Griete van Groningen

given by King Baldric and Queen Breyla (Ealdormere),
on 1 July 2018,
at War of the Trillium (Ealdormere) (28 Jun - 2 Jul 2018).
Queen's Favour (Ealdormere)
given by King Evander and Queen Marioun (Ealdormere),
on 17 November 2018,
at Queen's Prize Tournament (Ealdormere) (17 Nov 2018).
Award of Arms
given by King Felix II and Queen Eva II,
on 26 January 2019,
at Canterbury Faire (19-27 Jan 2019 at Amberley, New Zealand).
Star and Lily
given by King Theuderic II and Queen Engelin II,
on 1 November 2020,
at Lochac Witenagemot (1 Nov 2020 at Online).

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