Brodhir MacDathi

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Fix Me Brodhir MacDathi

Award of Arms
given by Reynardine II and Eleanor I,
on 15 August 1987.
Rose Leaf
given by James VIII and Verena VIII,
on 5 May 1990.
Leaf of Merit
given by Rolf III and Mari I,
on 14 November 1992.
Golden Tear
given by Siridean II and Margie I,
on 17 March 2012,
at Third Annual Chess Challenge and Tourney (17 Mar 2012 at Harleston Park, Seymour Rd, Elsternwick VIC AU).
Royal Cypher
given by ThorolfR I and Halla I,
on 7 January 2017,
at 12th Night Coronation (7-8 Jan 2017 at Tuggeranong Archery Club, Greenway ACT).

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