Order of Precedence

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This is the Order of Precedence for the kingdom of Lochac. Everyone in the database who's received an award is listed, in order according to their highest ranking award and the date they received it. More important awards (peerages, counties, duchies) come before less important ones like AoAs and Cockatrices. Where there's a tiebreaker required, it comes down to the precedence and dates of the other awards they've received. We list here the highest award and the number of other awards they have, for comparison. Unfortunately, awards listed in Canon Lore without a specific date received are unable to be used in calculating the Order of Precedence.

An Order of Precedence for a specific branch can be found in the branch's entry in Canon Lore. The Order of Precedence can be filtered to include residents of a particular region (Australia, New Zealand or Overseas) by clicking one of the regional options in the sidebar.