Roland Löfhjälm

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Fix Me Roland Löfhjälm

Award of Arms
given by Gerald I and Alisaundre I,
on 8 August 1992.
Silver Tear
given by John I and Gabriel I,
on 1 May 1993.
Royal Company of Yeomen
given by Christian II and Susan II,
on 10 July 1993.
Silver Nock
given by Cornelius I and Morwynna I,
on 26 June 1994,
at Baron & Baroness's Champion Tourney (26 Jun 1994).
Rose Leaf
given by Garick and Talitha,
on 23 January 1999,
at Stickjocks Greatest Hitz Vol II (23-24 Jan 1999 at Croydon Primary School Oval, Croydon, VIC, AU - Saturday day, Uniting Church Hall, Croydon, VIC, AU - Feast, John Gardner Reserve, Hawthorn, VIC, AU - Sunday).

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