Adair Mac Dermid

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Fix Me Adair Mac Dermid

Award of Arms
given by Ragnar I and Bliss I,
on 12 July 1997,
at Bal d'Argent (12 Jul 1997).
Silver Tear
given by Alfar IV and Elspeth II,
on 14 November 1998,
at November Coronet AS XXXIII (14-15 Nov 1998 at Longwood Camp, Longwood, SA, AU).
given by Gabriel I and Constanzia I,
on 10 October 2009,
at Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition Baronial Tourney/Feast (10 Oct 2009 at Corroboree Park, Ainslie, ACT, AU).
given by ThorolfR I and Halla I,
on 20 August 2016,
at Politarchopolis University (19-21 Aug 2016 at Bungendore Showgrounds, NSW).
Red Wyvern
given by Steffan II and Branwen II,
on 3 December 2017,
at Fields of Gold VII (1-3 Dec 2017 at Bungendore Showgrounds, Bungendore, NSW).

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