Nerissa de Saye

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Fix Me Nerissa de Saye

Prince's Cypher
given by Cornelius I and Morwynna I,
on 3 September 1994,
at Spring Coronet (3-4 Sep 1994 at Annesley College, Wayville SA).
Award of Arms
given by Bran I and Cairistiona I,
on 1 October 1994,
at Michaelmas Feast & Pas d'Armes (1-2 Oct 1994 at Woolowin / Davies Park QLD).
Roman Lilies
given by Cornelius II and Morwynna II,
on 2 March 1996,
at Italian Observation Event (2 Mar 1996).
given by Corin III and Keridwen III,
on 11 January 1997,
at Twelfth Night Investiture AS XXXI (11 Jan 1997).
Rose Leaf
given by Jade IX and Siobhan I,
on 17 October 1998,
at Baronial Investiture, Riverhaven (17-18 Oct 1998 at St Joseph's Hall,, Nth Ipswich, QLD, AU - Saturday, Sherwood Forest Park, Sherwood, QLD, AU - Sunday).
given by Conor I and Isa I,
on 16 April 2001,
at Rowany Festival XIX (12-17 Apr 2001 at Tara Girl Guide Camp, Silverdale, NSW, AU).
Silver Nib
given by Fabian V and Susan,
on 28 July 2001,
at West Kingdom Arts and Sciences Tourney (27-29 Jul 2001 at USA).
Queen's Cypher (West)
given by Uther IV and Portia,
on 1 April 2002,
at Rowany Festival XX including First Crown Tourney and Victory Feast (28 Mar - 2 Apr 2002 at Tara Girl Guide Camp, Silverdale, NSW, AU.).
given by Ædward I and Yolande I,
on 3 January 2004,
at Twelfth Night Coronation (3-4 Jan 2004 at Mulgrave, Melbourne, VIC, AU).
given by Ædward I and Yolande I,
on 3 January 2004.
on 5 January 2008.
Royal Cypher
given by Gabriel I and Constanzia I,
on 9 January 2010,
at Twelfth Night in Okewaite AS XLIV (8-10 Jan 2010 at Old Goulburn Brewery, St Saviour’s Anglican Cathedral & Cockatrice Farm, Goulburn, NSW, AU).
Grant of Arms
on 20 February 2010.
Court Barony
on 20 February 2010.
on 15 January 2011.
Popular Company of Sojourners
on 1 February 2013.
given by Steffan I and Branwen I,
on 5 September 2015,
at St Florian Baronial (5 Sep 2015).
given by Steffan I and Branwen I,
on 5 November 2015,
at Royal Decree (5 Nov 2015 at Lochac).
Silver Pegasus
given by ThorolfR I and Halla I,
on 5 November 2016,
at November Crown Tournament + River Haven Baronial Changeover (5-6 Nov 2016 at Ashgrove Bowls Club, Ashgrove, QLD).

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