Esla of Ifeld

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Award of Arms
given by Reynardine II and Eleanor I,
on 18 July 1987.
Iron Spoon
given by Reynardine II and Eleanor I,
on 2 January 1988.
Rose Leaf
given by Stephen III and Sophie,
on 13 May 1989.
Leaf of Merit
given by Christian and Susan,
on 2 October 1989.
given by Stephan I and Niobe I,
on 3 August 1991.
given by Uther I and Tanwen,
on 25 October 1997,
at Royal Visit War/Viking Revel (25 Oct 1997 at Wattle Rd, Kersbrook, SA, AU).
Court Barony
given by Hauoc II and Ginevra I,
on 13 October 2001,
at Innilgard Baronial Investiture (13 Oct 2001 at Russian Community Hall, Norwood, SA, AU ).
Silver Tear
given by Gawyne I and Yve I,
on 4 May 2002,
at New Years Feast (4 May 2002 at Mitcham Village Institute Hall, Mitcham, SA, AU).
Golden Tear
given by Ædward I and Yolande I,
on 15 May 2004,
at Royal Feast and Tourney (15-16 May 2004 at Klemzig Community Band Hall, Klemzig, SA, AU).

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