Alaine Bartholomieu Lorenz

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Fix Me Alaine Bartholomieu Lorenz

Award of Arms
given by Jade I and Anastacia I,
on 11 July 1987,
at First Lochac Coronet Investiture (11 Jul 1987).
Leaf of Merit
given by Jade III and Amanda I,
on 7 January 1989.
Royal Cypher
given by Corin I and Gabriella I,
on 7 January 1989.
Royal Cypher
given by Valerian I and Rowena I,
on 15 July 1989.
Rose Leaf
given by James VIII and Verena VIII,
on 18 August 1990.
Court Barony
given by John I and Gabriel I,
on 1 May 1993.
Iron Spoon
given by Brusi III and Catherine II,
on 15 July 1993.
given by Cybi and Victoria,
on 30 March 1997.
Paragons of Merriment
given by Jade XII and Megan II,
on 6 July 2002,
at First Coronation of the King and Queen of Lochac (6-7 Jul 2002 at Queanbeyan Bicentennial Centre & Ray Morton Park, Queanbeyan (near Canberra), NSW, AU.).
given by Stephen I and Mathilde I,
on 9 January 2005,
at Twelfth Night Coronation (8-9 Jan 2005 at Coldstream Community Centre, Coldstream, VIC AU).
Golden Tear
given by ThorolfR I and Halla I,
on 3 December 2016,
at William Marshall Chivalric & Ransom Tournaments with Pot Luck Feast (3 Dec 2016 at Darebin Parklands, Alphington, VIC).

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