Kiriel du Papillon

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Award of Arms
given by Hugh I and Merewyn I,
on 4 January 1986.
Leaf of Merit
given by Stephen III and Sophie,
on 4 June 1989.
Roman Lilies
given by Haos I and Bryony I,
on 7 October 1990.
Rose Leaf
given by Phillip and Linda,
on 4 December 1991.
given by Elffin IV and Rowan II,
on 19 April 1992.
given by Rolf III and Mari I,
on 2 January 1993.
Princess' Cypher
given by d'Gaunt I and Muirghein I,
on 2 September 1995.
Court Barony
given by Finnian I and Lucrezia I,
on 9 December 1995.
Queen's Order of Grace
given by Jade VIII and Juana,
on 1 November 1996.
Silver Tear
given by Ragnar I and Bliss I,
on 15 November 1997.
Royal Cypher
given by Vladimir I and Huraiwa I,
on 10 July 1999,
at Midwinter Coronet Investiture AS XXXIV (10-11 Jul 1999 at Hale Senior School, Wembley, WA, AU).
Paragons of Merriment
given by Jade XII and Megan II,
on 6 July 2002,
at First Coronation of the King and Queen of Lochac (6-7 Jul 2002 at Queanbeyan Bicentennial Centre & Ray Morton Park, Queanbeyan (near Canberra), NSW, AU.).
Royal Cypher
given by Alfar I and Elspeth I,
on 11 January 2003,
at Twelfth Night Coronation (10-12 Jan 2003 at Culcairn Sportsground, Culcairn, NSW, AU).
given by Paul and Aryanhwy,
on 18 August 2012,
at Raglan Fair (18-19 Aug 2012).
Popular Company of Sojourners
given by Paul and Aryanhwy,
on 19 August 2012,
at Raglan Fair (18-19 Aug 2012).
given by Niáll I and Liadan I,
on 30 November 2013,
at Politarchopolis' Field of Gold (29 Nov - 1 Dec 2013 at Bungendore Showground Mathews Lane, Bumgendore NSW).

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