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Seán le Bastard

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Silver Helm
given by Prince Gawyne and Princess Yve,
on 8 June 2002,
at Olympic and Gladatorial Games (7-9 Jun 2002 at Heathcote Scout Camp, Heathcote, NSW, AU.).
Prince's Cypher
given by Prince Gawyne and Princess Yve,
on 6 July 2002,
at First Coronation of the King and Queen of Lochac (6-7 Jul 2002 at Queanbeyan Bicentennial Centre & Ray Morton Park, Queanbeyan (near Canberra), NSW, AU.).
King's Cypher
given by King Berenger and Queen Bethan,
on 8 June 2008,
at Great Northern War X (6-9 Jun 2008 at BP Park, Samford, QLD, AU).
Royal Cypher
given by King Theuderic I and Queen Engelin I,
on 4 July 2009,
at Midwinter Coronation (4-5 Jul 2009 at Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford, Melbourne, VIC, AU).
Award of Arms
given by King Edmund and Queen Leonor,
on 11 December 2010,
at Yule Feast AS XLV (11 Dec 2010 at Petersham Town Hall, Petersham (Sydney), NSW, AU.).
Court Barony
given by King Steffan I and Queen Branwen I,
on 6 August 2015,
at Pennsic War 44 (27 Jul - 7 Aug 2015 at Coopers Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA, USA).

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