Kareina Talventytär

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Fix Me Kareina Talventytär

Award of Arms
on 20 January 1985.
on 19 January 1986.
Leaf of Merit
on 18 January 1997.
given by Fabian IV and Brynn II,
on 16 January 2000,
at Oertha Coronet Tournament and Investiture (15-16 Jan 2000 at Oertha).
Pied d'Argent
given by Hauoc II and Ginevra I,
on 25 August 2001.
Queen's Treasure
given by Uther IV and Portia,
on 30 March 2002,
at Rowany Festival XX including First Crown Tourney and Victory Feast (28 Mar - 2 Apr 2002 at Tara Girl Guide Camp, Silverdale, NSW, AU.).
Queen's Cypher (West)
given by Jade XII and Megan II,
on 5 April 2002.
given by Jade XII and Megan II,
on 22 June 2002.
Golden Tear
given by Stephen I and Mathilde I,
on 9 April 2005,
at St Beocca's Eve Feast (9-10 Apr 2005 at Kermode St, Port Sorrel, TAS, AU).

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