Antonia Ambrosia Illirica

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Fix Me Antonia Ambrosia Illirica

Award of Arms
given by Reynardine I and Marguerité I,
on 23 August 1986.
Rose Leaf
given by William III and Joanne II,
on 18 April 1987.
Leaf of Merit
given by Stephen II and Sariya II,
on 4 October 1987.
Princess' Cypher
given by Elffin I and Talietha I,
on 9 July 1988.
given by Geoffrey and Kira,
on 25 March 1989.
Prince's Cypher
given by Elffin III and Keridwen I,
on 11 May 1991,
at May Coronet/Investiture AS XXVI (11-12 May 1991 at None).
given by Phillip and Linda,
on 8 September 1991.
Lochac Order of Grace
given by Kane I and Rhianwen I,
on 11 January 1992.

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