John of Skye

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Fix Me John of Skye

Rose Leaf
given by Jade I and Anastacia I,
on 15 August 1987.
Silver Helm
given by Haos I and Bryony I,
on 9 June 1990,
at Midwinter Investiture (8-11 Jun 1990 at Wirksworth Sport and Recreation Camp, Bellerive TAS).
given by Brusi III and Catherine II,
on 15 May 1993,
at May Coronet Investiture and Tourney (15-16 May 1993 at Ashfield Town Hall, Ashfield / Girrahween Park, Earlwood NSW).
given by Fabian II and Cyneswith II,
on 7 January 1995,
at Twelfth Night Coronation (West) (7 Jan 1995 at Civic Center/Red Lion Inn, Modesto, CA).
given by Uther I and Tanwen,
on 23 August 1997,
at Purgatorio Coronation (23-24 Aug 1997 at Crescent City, CA).

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