Myfanwy ferch Dafydd

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Fix Me Myfanwy ferch Dafydd

Award of Arms
given by Stephen I and Sariya I,
on 3 January 1987,
at Twelfth Night Coronation (West) (3 Jan 1987 at Auburn, CA).
Rose Leaf
given by Elffin I and Talietha I,
on 19 March 1988,
at Newcomers' Feast and Tourney (19 Mar 1988 at Tusmore Masonic Hall, Tusmore SA).
given by Geoffrey and Kira,
on 25 March 1989,
at Rowany Festival VII and Autumn Coronet (23-28 Mar 1989 at Fairholme Park, Wilton).
Royal Cypher
given by Gerald I and Alisaundre I,
on 5 September 1992,
at Spring Coronet Investiture and Tourney (5-6 Sep 1992 at Belconnen Churches Centre, Belconnen / Corroboree Park, Ainslie ACT).
Prince's Cypher
given by Finnian I and Lucrezia I,
on 13 January 1996,
at Twelfth Night Coronet Investiture and Tourney (13 Jan 1996).

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